Track of last-run of bot


I need to keep a track of my bot last run and maintain the same in a excel-sheet.

My process is to send wishes email… so after it ends send emails to all i need to keep a track of the last run.

any suggestions??


If you are running your process based on a excel sheet as your input then you can track the same in that excel itself with a new column.

If you are looking to check the process lastrun alone, then write the timestamp at end of the process into a textfile and read it while starting again.

If you have scheduled it in Orchestrator then you can track there without any additional work.

Ya i need to track the last run of the bot in a different workbook where there will be only column named “LastRun” and it will overwrite every time as i need the latest last run only.


If you are using REFramework, then inside the End Process Status, you can write the time in that cell using a WriteCell Activity.


If you are not using REFramework then at end of your process you can do the same.