Track custom data directly in Orchestrator instead of appending an Excel file line by line

We are using processes with Orchestrator. Those shall be supervised.

To do so we track some data like “number of folders user”, “number of transactions done” and so on. Currently we note these values down to Excel files, generated with activities directly at the end of our processes.

But for our analysts it would be better to have those data on our Orchestrator dashboard. But currently I cannot find any way to do this. It seems that there is no functionality to do this?

The only way that I can see are these two:

  • Using the logs. So just logging the values that shall be used by data analysts. But this is a very manual process. The analyst would need to extract the values into an excel sheet. I don’t think this is good approach.
  • Or using Queues. But actually we do not need to split up our process into adding to the queue and after that processing it. No good approach as it is very over complicated.

Do you have any other tips on this. We really want to track our process performance directly on Orchestrator if possible. And from time to time being able to export the values to an Excel file.

For logs approach you may use an analytics tool like elasticsearch.

For the queue approach actually you can add the item and consume it in the same process. Add Transaction Item puts an item into the queue and starts processing it. Its status it is directly in Progress.

On top we have our own enterprise analytics solution:

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