Topic: search for a product on amazon and get some info about it

First of all, thanks for checking this post to help!
What I want this automation to accomplish?
I am trying to build an automation that loops through a provided list of products and find the closest and first occurrence of a match for each product on Amazon. After the robot clicks on the closest match to open the product listing page, then it should go to the “Product Information” section (which is towards the bottom of the product listing page) and obtain the information about the ASIN, Customer Reviews, Best Sellers Rank, and Date First Available. Finally, it writes the data output into an excel file.

What exceptions or error to handle?
If there is no match for a product from the list, then robot should just keep going, but retain in its memory which products that were not found so that they could be marked as “N” for the appropriate column in the output file. In addition, if one of the data items that the robot needs to capture, such as Customer Reviews, were missing; then the robot should just leave it blank and keep on going without stopping or throwing an error.

What I have done so far?
The workflow I have developed so far for this automation problem can read the product lists, loops through them, and types each product in Amazon search bar

What do I need help with?
Find Products on AMZN.xaml (15.5 KB)
Product Info from AMZN.xlsx (8.6 KB)

I am stuck, and I can’t figure out how to build the hard part of this automation which is to click on the right match of a product and extract the information from the product page listing. This requires more advanced logic built in for the robot to click on the closest match. Finally, the robot needs to properly loop for each one of the products in the listing.

Thank you so much for your time and your help!

  1. Split your search string into words
  2. do data scrapping on first page get extracted data-table
  3. use loop on your search string words and find at least 50 - 60% match against each row in extracted table
  4. create dynamic selector to click on desired row item.


Hi @bala_subramanyam
Thanks for your explanation. Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to program the activities that will try to match string words by 50 to 60%. I am still a new to UiPath and can’t figure figure how to accomplish what you recommended. Could you please develop those steps and share with the the Xaml file? It is worth for me to even pay for this to have the sample developed!!

I would love to help dont need to pay me, this is community.

I am working on a project with tight schedule sorry man.


I understand. I hope I can find someone who can assist with this request.

What’s your opinion on how to do this? I’d really appreciate your input!!


I too don’t have time to really look into how to program the Amazon site. But, dynamic selectors might pose some issues because I believe there is a character limit in the attributes.

If I understand your problem, you just want to simply click the first item at the top after a search happens?

You could just use the Click activity with the A tag and use the idx attribute as the first one, however I’m not sure how consistent that would be.

Another approach would be to use Find Children and filter by the A tag. Then, use childrenvariable.Skip(5)(0) to remove the first few A tags (if you don’t need to then you can leave off the .Skip), and take the first (0) index of the childrenvariable.

Also, if you can get the full text of the first item, then you can use that with Click Text or use it with the Find Children to click the correct item.

Those are just some ideas, and to be honest, I have not played around in the Amazon site and am not sure how to efficiently interact or scrape in that site.