Tool for reading out all folders and all content

Today I had to test the swagger API to connect uipath with a workflowtool. The target was to start a single job. For that I tested directly inside the swagger documentation (…swagger/ui/index#!/).

Generally the documentation is good, but I missed a possibility to see directly key for example for process or folders without a lot of rest calls.

For that I wrote a small hacky winforms application which analyses an orchestrator. Simple set orchestrator URL, tenant, user and password (requires access to all folders which should be shown) and then you can press start.

After that it loads all folder, in each folder it loads the bots, the releases,… . In the case you press to a treenode you will get the details about this element in the right corner.

In the case you are interested I can share it.

If you think it is worth while for others, I would suggest looking into publishing it on the Connect platform.