Too many type arguments to 'Func(Of Out TResult)'

Hi guys, recently I’m updating a project to enterprise version and caught this problem.

This is how my workflow looks like :

I had make a guess, the reason causing this problem was too many variable used in the assign.

Any ideas to solve this problem, appreciate for your reply


Can you please hover mouse over red exclamation and show the error

And if you can share the expression or the xaml would help understand better


Can’t share the xaml because is a huge project with some secretkey by company.

I had hover the error but cannot show

Here’s the full error message


Can you please try splitting the whole thing into different assign activities and check …we generally see this with add datatarow and as a workaround for now splitting it into different arrays…the same might work with you as well

Alternately…try modifying UiPath.system.activities package


we would recommend to construct / populate the html template with the dollowing activity:

with the support of dynamics / variables you will better handle and identify issues