Too big datatable or too many chars in it to scrape?

Got process with big Datagrid to scrape in SAP (4600 rows).

All this datagrid is 1 list, and it is all preloaded, limit to max rows is 0.

The problem is - activity can’t scrape all data from datagrid, it get only about 200-300 rows (in diffrent tables), and the last row always cuts of with “…”.


I think, that there is some limits to max value of chars in DataTable variable. How to fix it?

That is only a representation of the data in debug mode, did you test it writing to an excel for example?

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There are no way to export this thing to excel. Got no rights for it at this SAP transaction.

im talking about using Write Range activity…


Hm, i will try to do it now, give me some time, thanks for an idea!

Yes, it is ok, didn’t know that at debug run i cant see all of data in dt variable. Thank you!


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