Toggle Element to maximize if element is minimized

I work for a telecommunications company. We provide plain old telephone service (POTS)
I’m making an automation that’s going to do stuff to the phone. I Just got the whole thing finally working, but when I pull up an account with more than one line on it (Two phone lines going to the same address)
It displays like this. The two green blobs are phone numbers for a customer, they have two phone numbers.
When there is only one phone numbers on the account, it’s automatically maximized.
So my workflow is searching for the first number (the first green blob) then it looks for the POTS link under it to click on. In this situation it can’t do that, becase it’s looking for the pots link under that phone number, but it’s not there, beacuse it’s minimized at the moment.
If you maximize it, it looks like this.
I could click on any of the POTS links. It doesn’t have to be under the same number. but the selectors
are not reliable and I need an anchor either way.

There are some accounts that have more than five or so lines. It has to work with those ones too, where only one account is expanded, and the rest are all minimized.

Is there a way to say something like,

If (element next to phone#1 is minimized)
Keep on truckin’

I can’t just click on it because sometimes if a customer only has one account, it’s automatically maximized, so if I click on it, it will minimize, and won’t be able to find the pots link. So it needs to know somehow if it is or is not minimized or maximized.


It’s difficult for me to make a suggestion without analyzing the website. For instance, there could be some selector attributes that could be used, but I would need to look at it. Maybe if you can provide some info that shows up in UiExplorer…

It would be helpful to see the UiExplorer attributes of “Phone #1” and “Phone #2” and the “POTS” link under both of them. If we can see that info, that would provide an idea if you can take this approach: Go through each Phone# on page, if POTS does not exist for it, click Phone#, else click POTS link


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