"Toggle" activity

When I create workflows, I often create a ton of activities that are needed for the end product, but that aren’t necessary to execute when I debug parts of the workflow (e.g. sending email responses, saving files, etc). Sure, this can be avoided by disabling the activities I don’t need right there and then, and re-enabling them when I need them, but this approach can be messy and tiresome when there are several activities spread across many sequences and invoked workflows.

I would love it if there existed an easy-to-use toggle activity for such debugging purposes. What I mean by toggle activity, is a simple visual switch in the workflow that changes the value of a boolean to true/false, or that indicates that the workflow is supposed to run in simple/fast/debug mode. This way, activities that I know are going to be uninteresting when debugging can be marked as such, either by placing them within an if-statement, or by checking an “exclude from fast execution” check box in the properties of the activity.



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