Today's Date Coming Wrong Suddenly(Project Notebook -> Date Sheet )

Hi All ,

I have one workflow of extracting a report which was working fine till last one week but yesterday I saw one issue . I have set up a today’s date format for saving my file but last one week it was working fine from yesterday its picking up this date
4/10/2020 everytime I generate this report …yesterday also today also it picking up same date , I tried changing the format but its not working . Can any tell how to resolve this one ?

Hi @ayewale

Can you show the workflow and how you are getting the current date … thanks


Then in Text I do the following

It got saved by this name , which is wrong .
Not just that it got saved to a wrong path . I have given following path and if you see in above screenshot it has created 2 extra folders inside that it got saved.

At the subject of the mail I have put the same format but its wrong there also.


and the mail goes with following date


Till one week it was working fine suddenly lots of issue . Please help.

Sorry I have not see the category, have not worked on the studio x.lets hope someone who worked on studio x will solve this issue soon… thanks

Did you changed regional settings? Excel language?

NO I haven’t am I suppose to do that ?

No, i meant if you changed something about that right before it stoped working

No I didnt any change …it just suddenly stopped working and the strange part is its working for a similar automation but not for this one.

which studiox and excel package do you use? did excel package updated?
OS language/region?
can you attach the project?
if you do a new project with only that formula is working fine?

attach please also the excel file you are working on if it doesn’t contain sensitive data, or try to reproduce the problem on an empty excel file.
try to update excel package or studiox

the notebook file, the excel file in the project where you have all your data

GlobalHandlerX.xaml (216.6 KB) Main.xaml (42.0 KB) project.json (1.1 KB) Project_Notebook.xlsx (39.9 KB) RuntimeExecutionError.html (9.6 KB) RuntimeExecutionError_Template.html (9.4 KB)

i get the today date correct from your project.
where do you get it wrong? in both places where you use it? can you delete the old report and run the flow again? maybe is not overwriting?
if you run it today what date will use?

Date coming right now in the subject but not for file name & now its saving file in wrong path and wrong name.

Today this date came out of the blues…This one comes on its own very frequently while saving the file name.

if you go to notebook.xlsx and in any empty cell type the =today() formula, what date will return? is showing ok in excel?
the original named cell that you use for =today() is showing correct date?

if the formula that you enter in excel by hand will show correct try to use it in your workflow, name the cell and use it in your wf