To use iText Sharp library in Nuget custom package - Please suggest


I have created some custom functions related to PDF’s. (PDF Split, Merge, etc)
So for that i have used iText Sharp library in Nuget custom package. After executing one functions i saw there is some terms & conditions are updated in Output (Writeline).
And i want to use this Nuget package in reputed organization.Can someone please suggest that is it good to use or not.

You are using iText under the AGPL.

If this is your intention, you have published your own source code as AGPL software too.
Please let us know where to find your source code by sending a mail to
We’d be honored to add it to our list of AGPL projects built on top of iText or iTextSharp
and we’ll explain how to remove this message from your error logs.

If this wasn’t your intention, you are probably using iText in a non-free environment.
In this case, please contact us by filling out this form: How to buy? | iText PDF
If you are a customer, we’ll explain how to install your license key to avoid this message.
If you’re not a customer, we’ll explain the benefits of becoming a customer.

Yes. AGPL is restrictive.

Hopefully there is PDFSharp which is licensed under MIT. Thanks @Timber for providing that.