[To Uipath Angels] stopped due to unexpected process termination

Hello Uipath Masters,

We are currently facing problems below.Any recommendation or workaround?:sob:
It would be highly appreciated if we could get your help.

Error Message: Job [my UIPath process] stopped due to unexpected process termination"

■What we have confirmed
1st, version of Uipath Studio being used is V2018.2.6 and maxReceivedMessageSize looks no problem
2nd,log level displayed “info”
3rd,sometimes this error happens sometimes not, when happens it came up at different timing, like sometimes during the excuation sometimes at the end of it.

Thanks in advance

Hi @yangbo

Please contact our Technical Support for more assistance. Forum is awesome, but sometimes particular issues are best solved via support channel :slight_smile:

Will do loginerror, thankssss