To type in all Opptys no(orders) from data table into browser

Hi All

I would like to create a workflow to enter in all the Opptys No (orders) into the Salesforce search bar.

So currently there are 4 Opptys no (orders) in the data table. I have input Write Line activity to monitor the output and it is printing the 4 Opptys no.

However, when i looked over at my browse, somehow only one Oppty no is being input into the Salesforce search bar.

Is there a way to amend or fix this?

test.xaml (18.7 KB)

Workflow is as follows:

  • Read Range
  • User browser
  • For each row in Data Table
  • Check App State
  • Type into (delay of 3s after)

Hi @Justine

If you need all numbers to be inputed once thwn no need of loop you can use this

Say your datatable is dt and column with order is od then use this in tupe into

String.Join(“”,dt.AsEnumerable.Select(function(row) row(“od”).tostring))

Else if you want them inputted one after only using loop then check your type into activity and unckeck empty fields/Select none which will append to already existing value


Hi @Anil_G , i try the following but it still didnt work. Still stuck after entering the first Oppty no (order).

Hi @Justine

Can you send the screnshot of your xaml … is your type into inside you loop?

And is your datatable comtaining all the rows? Keep a log message and check it


Hello @Justine

Do you need type Opptys No one by one? or do you need to enter everything all together?

If one by one, can you debug the process and check in immediate panel whether the values are fetching in the for each loop. Also make sure your datatable is having the entire datatable values.


Hi @Anil_G , there you go.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan , i need the Oppty no to enter in one by one. I have a Write Line activity to throw all the Oppty no in the data table and it is working fine. Currently, i think the problem is at Type Into Activity…

Are you getting any errors? If it’s typing in the write line, then you need to check the Type Into activity and the selector


Hi @Justine

I see that…now…in type into you would have given selector of first field you need to type into…but for it to work with tab and all…give a click activity outside your loop and inside give type into to window so that it types into next fields if all fields are on same page


hi @Anil_G ,

would this be correct?

sorry, i got lost on this. should i place another type into outside the check app state?

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan , how can i check what is type into activity throwing out?

Hi @Justine

How you gave ia correct. But ia your selector dynamic to type into different fields???

If not it will type into same field always

so in type into give only the window(wnd) selector and also make sure click before and activate are unchecked

And click have it outsife the loop and above the loop not below…so that before starting loop your required element will be clicked

Hi @Anil_G , i realised that it did not remove the old Oppty no. I remove the old Oppty no while the bot was executing, it did work.

I try to toggle Empty field before typing to both: Multi Line and and Single Line, the Oppty No did not remove from the search bar.


Hi @Justine

You want the value to be removed or no?

If you want to remove the value then use click before as well incombination with empty line… then it will remove…

Please mark solution if this issue is resolved .that will help others too


Hi @Anil_G , i did use the click before typing and empty field before typing. it still didnt work…

Would you be able to help check the workflow on where went wrong?
test.xaml (22.7 KB)

Hi @Justine

I see that your selector is a button. You cannot clear the search bar usign button. Try identifying correct selector which is either a span div or input field or anything. Else if you are getting search field as button only then first perform a click activity to click and then have type into with only window and donot give activate or anything.

I see the selector is wrong for what you are trying

Hi @Anil_G , i tried input field also not working. I give up, anyways thanks for the effort. Much appreciated.

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