To the OCR from screen print

Hi all. I have tried to capture text from a website and it’s not accurate. I think the website might put in place techniques that prevent accurate ocr to stop automation. I’m thinking I could do a screen print of the pages and then get the required data from screen print to output as a variable. Is this possible? Is there any documentation or link people could provide? It’s only one small area on a Web pages I’m after, only a digit not even a sentence?

Hi @LockieFerguson ,

Would it be possible to tell us more about the use case you have here and what you are ultimately trying to do to help us investigate this? What website are you using to try and collect data? In the meantime I’ve linked below a couple of useful guides on UIAutomation which is what we use for automation of desktop applications and web browsers:
UIAutomation - UI Automation
UIAutomation tutorial - Tutorial: Working with UI Automation
A quick video tutorial - Basic UI Automation Tutorial with StudioX | UiPath

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