To stop a flow if the UI Element is not Present

I am trying to check whiter the text “Service Notice” is present in the web page or not if the UI element is present it should continue or else if not present it should stop the flow

Hi @manishmukherjee
use element exist activity

hope that solves

so once u hv element exist you can have if and else where …you can use thow activity to stop process

Hi @manishmukherjee ,

You could try using a Throw Activity and it will stop the execution there or leave it empty.

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Ashwin A.K

Multiple ways to achieve the same thing, depending on the quality of your selectors.

Element exists, text exists - both of these would work, and then you put the boolean output into an if statement and throw the process if it’s false

Within a try catch: click text, click, find text - if these fail, the exception will be caught in the try catch and then you can assign the exception message to something more helpful if needed. You’ll still need the throw the whole process though, especially if there is further automation after checking if that element exists.

@nikhil.girish @ashwin.ashok @k.entwistle Thanks , i know these are in studio ,
i am doing with studio X unable to get the activities you have mentioned


Use “Check App state” Activity and select the element exist in drop-down.

Hi @manishmukherjee

Basically you can use Try catch activity

In Studio X → check the Show Developer option

You can find this activity

In the Catch Just use Throw activity and the process will stop.


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