To save the output files into a specified folder and Zip the folder

Hey all,

I need to save the output of this program Main.xaml (11.9 KB) into a specified new folder and Zip the folder.

Hi @NiranjanKN

Please check the following thread -

Karthik Byggari

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Hello @KarthikByggari
I’ve worked with BalaReva.External.Activities to zip the specified predefined folder. It works if the folder is already present and we define it.

But, I want to save the output of the above mentioned program into destination folder specified by me and then Zip that folder.

Hi @NiranjanKN

Use Move file activity


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Hey, @AshwinS2
The move file activity will move only one specified file.
But, I want to move multiple files generated as output by my program to a folder specified by me.


I developed one Activity to move multiple files from source to destination. Please find the same in below thread. Download and install it.

Note: If you want to move specific files like either PDF or Excel files then specify those things under TypeOfFiles option like “PDF” or “xlsx”. Else it will move all files from source to destination folder.