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What are different ways to Save Excel file if it already exists and replace the earlier file ?

Thanks in Advance!!!

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Can you give a more brief about your issue?
If I understood you correct, you can add time like hour_minutes_seconds as well, so that everytime you can generate a newer file


For Example we have a File Suppose 123.xlsx
Again I have used 123.xlsx and want to save it so it should replace the earlier file
For that what are different ways to do it

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @anmita,

I understand that deleting the file is not important since you want it to replace it.

If so, my method would be to delete file. By making Continue on error true, you can make the file skip this step if it is not found.


Hey @anmita

You can please use Move File activity with overwrite enabled.

Hope that helps.


move file
copy file
powershell script

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