To save an excel file just generated by RPA

Tried a few commands after the file has been generated by RPA to tidy up the file (pick up some rows that fulfil some ‘if’ requirements) and save it in another name but in vain. how could i do that, please?

i am also ok if i need to save the newly generated file first then do the filtering and copying of the rows to another excel file, anyone can help, please?


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No worries
Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. First once after the file is saved read that file with EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE and pass the filepath of that file as input

  2. Inside the excel scope use a read range activity and get the DATATABLE as output named dt

  3. Now use a FILTER DATATABLE activity and perform the filters you want and mention the output DATATABLE also as dt

  4. Now use a WRITE RANGE activity where pass dt as input and enable Add headers property in the property panel and mention the filepath you want and to be written

That’s it

Cheers @Aroma_Hope

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Thanks Palaniyappan,

i need help to program RPA to save the generated file. How could i do the saving of the file, please?

Is it generated by bot or by just clicking any button in an application

Can you pls elaborate on how it is generated


hi, yea, it is generated by bot and it is in random file name each time bot generates it