To run the project , keeping the 'Config' file in the common share folder loacted in online or onedrive instead of local system

HI all, Greetings,

Please explain me the steps to run the project , keeping the ‘Confige’ file in web based location ex share point or onedrive or ui path cloud if possible, rather than the local system. Right know we have path ex: so on so ,…/config.xlsx. Please let me know the steps / changes required to run this project by accesing this config file. right know i am able to run keeping the config file outside project but in local system its working fine, but i want to implement to run from common loaction for all the users. spo i dont have to create separate package file for each user systems.

Storage Bucket could be a good option

Are you able to use OneDrive sync? That’s normally the best way to bring a SharePoint file onto your local PC, then you can point your robot to that file just like any other local file.

yes, Thanks for your response, will update you the progress any. right now am going through vidoe on cloud automation , will let you know, Thanks