To run the bot by accessing the config located in one drive

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Please help me with this use case, is it possible to run the project by accesing the “config” file located in onedrive, which is common folder for all the users. I know how to add the path in proeject, present am able to locate the config file in my local system outside the project and able to run, But i want to acces the config file outside my system, a diffrenet file path in one drive. Please explain the solution.
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Check below course for making the onedrive and Sharepoint automation with StudioX

you can download the file and then use as config file before all the activities

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Hi srini84,

Thanks for the answer, my intention here is to run the project from orchestrator / ui assistant, where in i deploy the package file, others will just run them in thier local, that case wanted to keep the ‘config’ file independantly accessable. thats the moto for me. will just give the path in my project before publishing , then will run the jobs, so it should be fine even when the ‘config’ file is loacted in web based location.
Could you see the any solution to achieve this.


Is this a duplicate of your other question? To run the project , keeping the 'Config' file in the common share folder loacted in online or onedrive instead of local system - #3 by


Yes, it’s possible, but the users who are trying to access the OneDrive file need the access to him, then only he can able to take a copy of the file to local system and from there he can continue the automation

So, your OneDrive administrator need to give all the permission to take the copy of the file from One Drive

Instead making things complicated, create a shared folder in your network and ask your network administrator to give all the permission who ever required access

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yes, we can loop the solutions here, thanks