To repeat "Simulate" input

I have set “input text” action in “Repeart each row”. Then, when the program starts to input, it only does “simulate input” for the first row and does not repeat.
I have set the properties as below.


Is there any set up I should do?



May I know which activity is this

Hi @Palaniyappan ,

It’s “Type Into” action which does not repeat “simulate input”.


May I know where this type into activity is placed
Along the workflow


Hi again ,@Palaniyappan

it’s Source Excel>Open browser>Repeat each row>If condition>Type Into>Click>Type into

So there are 2 type into actions and would like the both in simulate mode. The first one does but the second one does not repeat the mode.

Just to clarify
Is both the type into activity is enabled with simulate type


Yes, but the second one does not repeat simulate mode.

Try enabling send window message property and give a try