To rename sheet in excel

Hi All,
Can anyone help me! I need to copy the data (123) and I need to paste it twice in excel as 123a and 123b so any one help me with this.

Not sure if your question resembles the title.
To rename to sheet in Excel, try this:

Rename columnname of DataTable

Assign activity:
DataTableName.Columns(“OldColumnName”).ColumnName to “NewColumnname”

Should look like this:

It seems that the also want to see if the sheet name exists.

Check if Sheet exists

Get wb in ExcelApplicationScope> Properties Workbook

In case you want modify it for each sheet use this:

For each sheet

Hope this helps!
Kr, ElectricBoogie

Bot need to copy the client data ie 123 and paste it twice in excel as 123a and 123b in two diffrent sheets.
Thanks in advance