To Prevent Overlapping Copied Data Tables in Each Row


I am trying to get some datas from a website with using “each row” function and paste them into a sheet in an excel file. Robot is working, but it’s pasting all datas one of the top of the other. So after process has finished, I can just get latest searched datas in related excel sheet. How can I manage that these result will come one under the other without overlapping?

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Can u Share the screenshot of the workflow

Hello Nived, you can see below. Forum does not allow me to put more than 1 screen shot because to be new member. So I need to put it with making extra zoom out :slight_smile:

Instead of write range use append range activity

Write range will overwrite all the values which are already present in the excel so that I why u are getting only latest data extracted by bot in excel file. So to avoid that u can use append range activity

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it works great!. Thanks Nived…

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