To pass dynamic variable in a URL

Hi I need to pass a dynamic variable in a URL which will be loaded for each row in a datatable.
This is for Calculate Client Security Hash. I need to extract ClientID,NAME,COUNTRY for each WIID of type WI5, for which I need to open the page - “” in which I need to replace the last 6 digit WIID with an dynamic variable. I tried with’"+dyn_WIID+"’” that doesn’t work. Can anyone suggest the correct format.

Also is it possible to specify filtered DataTable to get the row value. How can we make sure, whether the data is from the filtered dataTable.


Try like this"+dyn_WIID

Kommi jeevan.

Hi Kommi, Thank you will try that. Also I have filtered the whole DataTable to get TYPE=WI5 and Status=Open into new DataTable TransactionData. How can we make sure that the WIID is getting displayed from filtered TransactionData Table. Because when I give row(“WIID”).ToString it display the first row item in the workitem page.


Use Excel Application Scope,inside use Write Range and give TransactionData Table as Input.

It will copy the filtered details

This is assignment 3 dispatcher or performer?

If it is performer use assign WIID = in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“WIID”).ToString