To late for Active Directory?


I got some questions about AD.
Let me do some example based on facts.

let’s say “myCompany” already has an infrastructure built but kind of different.
“myCompany” has bought 6 virtual servers from our “ServersProvider”. all in the same network.
1 for orchestrator (lets say and 5 for robots (lets say,,,, We’re doing just fine and we have a lot of processes being deployed in the machines.

BUT! we’ve never used active directory because our “ServersProvider” says that they don’t work with active directory. Although all machines have server manager installed. So we’ve connected the robots manually.

I think maybe our “ServerProvider” didn’t understand what we meant by active directory cause I have the options to create Active Directory. So I want to try to create the Active directory for the machines.

before I start to do the changes (and also because It’s my first experience with domains and AD) I need to solve some QUESTIONS

  1. First of all I need to create a local domain, grant active directory properties and create the domain controller. This domain controller needs to be created in the server where I have the orchestrator installed or a new server?

  2. Also I need to connect each server to my new domain. if my robots were running on the admin session of each machine during the changes, this changes (to domain) will do something to my current machine configuration or to the running robots?

Thank you for your time :pray: