To know Captured Element ID

Hi Team, Just wanted to know the elements from webpage is being Captured by UiPath where it is being stored. For example if we capture any text box, then it shows caption name same of that element ID. So where that element ID is being stored?

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Hi, You can check selector as mentioned in below screenshot, UiPath will identify your element based on specific selector.

Hi @mis2amit,

Please go through these links


Vikas Reddy

Thank you for the information.

I have these textbox with Element ID 1, 2, 3…and so on. So from excel i want to upload data into these textbox using foreach loop. How this process can be attained?

Hi @mis2amit,

  1. Use “for each row”
  2. Use “Type Into” activity with values
    row.item(0) for first column value of the row
    row.item(1) for second column value of the row
    row.item(2) for third column value of the row
  3. Be careful with the selectors of the cells that you use. For instance Please find below screen shot

Check the tablecol and tablerow boxes so that you can give these numbers externally.
for first cell tablecol =‘1’ tablerow =‘1’
for second cell tablecol =‘2’ tablerow =‘1’
and so on…

Vikas Reddy

Hi Vicky, If I was trying this method but was getting only webctrl idx.
When I was trying to check parentname i got this error that changes made the selector invalid.

My requirement is just to capture one element and following its element ID using for each loop fill the textbox from excel.
Automatically fill value in element ID 1 and so on.