To know about making a workflow available for an another person

I have created a workflow for web. It is just a login page automation. I have also published it to the Orchestrator.

My question is how can I make this workflow being available for another person in his/her system.

Hi @Tejaswini_Appollo

If user has access to the same orchestrator,they can download it from the orchestrator process and open it in their system.
Another way is to push the project in git repository and other user who have access to the git can download it

Yes, I can do this. Give me some more clarity, what is the requirement for the end-user to whom I giving the access either by Orchestrator or through the Github repo among the components of the UiPath. Should he/she need to have all the three components.

I do not want the end-user to act as a developer instead he/she must be consumer making use of my flows.

Can I make the end-user to download only the UiPath Assistant and giving them access in the Orchestrator will they be able to make use of my published flow run ?

I think the below post would answer your question


You can give the view roles on processes and jobs…so that the end user can run the bots on the configured run time machine…and the runtime machine can be configured as the end user machine itself…which gives access to run the bots from orchestrator and also as their machine is used as runtime the bots would run on the target user machine


Thank you so much @Anil_G

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Thank you so much @sangeethaneelavannan1