To get the count from a web based document , specially a pdf

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Please help me to find the count of a particular document (specially pdf), document is webbased one, unlike a windows based document, i cannot pass the “Path” then get the count.
Use case is , i will click on the particular document link, as it opends in print window dynamically i need to get the count.
so does it goes with the next document. It wil be helpful, if you can suggest me the solution.
I used Get text in one of the case to get the count, but its not working for other document which has diffrent element / no element. So basically i wanted to know the activity where in we can get the count of webbased document directly.

@Siddarth_Nagarabenchi Use Screen scrapping and through regex get page count.
Its opinion you can try with this

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If its opening in print document in web page…then ideally at the top or bottom you would see the page count…try identifying that directly…instead of trying on the page…

Make sure you make the title dynamic and remove any other dynamic parts from
The selector so that it can be used on multiple pdfs

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Hi @Siddarth_Nagarabenchi ,

Whether you have any option called document properties on right top as shown in below screenhsot,

If you click on that you might get the properties of document were you can find the total pdf page count,

Let us know if you still have any issue?

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Hi All, Thanks for your answers, I have used Get text, where element was able to detect, and Screen scrapping where element was not detecting, however i finally found the element using open ui explorer. So finally i got the count with this approach and its working fine, thanks all for your inputs,

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