To get particular subject line in outlook

Am trying to get a mail which contains " Internal opportunities:*" when i run the code am getting only " No Mails " as output even though it contains a mail .
Please review the code and help me.
Main.xaml (6.0 KB)

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You’re only getting the top 5 unread messages, are you sure you have one that contains “Internal opportunities:*” in the subject?

HI @Tanushree
its resolved buddy
Main (1).xaml (7.4 KB)

here is your xaml


@Tanushree . You can iterate through each mail and use this condition in IF block to retrieve the mail from the specific subject.

item.Subject.Contains(“Internal opportunities”)

Is that working buddy @Tanushree

yes its working… But I want save the mails in text file

You can read the mail body or its content by assigning the body of the mail to a variable like
out_text = item.Body.ToString, inside the for each loop buddy @Tanushree

and you can write that out_text of string format to a text using write text buddy

Now…:slight_smile: @Tanushree

:smile:Thanks for the help.

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