To get a letter in a document

I have a word document where have a code with 3 letter and 8 numbers.

I need identify the letter “B” in this code. Exemple: DMB17002235

How can I do it ?

There is a package for reading data from Word files.

After you get the data into a String variable, you can use this regex to extract the data to another String:

Using the assign activity, if ExtractStr contains the text data, then assign a new variable to
System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match(ExtractStr, "(?<=DMB)\d+").Value.

Can you send me a screenshot with the example, please …

Main.xaml (6.6 KB)

Check the index of any letter or manipulate the strings as per your requirement

But I need insert it in a document word…


You can use word application scope and inside

that you can use replace text.

But I don’t need to replace the text, I need only verify if the text have letter “B”

Then you can refer to the earlier xaml where you get the list of strings. Check the letter B in the position you want

How can I do it ? Help me please

if(item.tostring.Chars(0)=‘B’) then it contains letter B

Can you send me a screenshot with the example ?