To execute processes, please activate license

Hi everyone.

I’m using the Community Edition and every time I open UiPath Studio, asks me to activate the license. The problem is that when i try to run a process appears a dialog box saying: “To execute processes, please activate license”.

I close and open it again, activate it, and tells me the same when I try to run it.

Any suggestions?



Welcome to the UIpath Community.

If you are using any Anti virus then there may be chances that it won’t allow UIpath. Could you please disable anti virus and then try again.

And also are you behind any Firewall ?


It was working/running pretty well but then i hibernated my laptop and when I started again, the bug showed up. I already disable my anti virus and didn’t work as well, it keeps giving me the same dialog box…

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Could you please uninstall it and reinstall again.

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It worked, thank you!