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Hi, I had task i.e, After reading prices in excel sheet need to add another column in same excel sheet depending on price range and need to mention those prices as cheap,medium and expensive.Just need to know how to add those cheap,medium and expensive to excel. Thank you

Hi @harishraj

Use read range of excel and
use add data column
row(‚ÄúColumnName‚ÄĚ).ToString>1 and row(‚ÄúColumnName‚ÄĚ).ToString<1 and row(‚ÄúColumnName‚ÄĚ).ToString=
Ashwin S

Thanks for quick reply @AshwinS2

  1. Read Range
    2)Add Data Column (say Status)

  2. Use For Each Row

    • If Activity : Row(‚ÄúPriceColumnName‚ÄĚ).ToString<200 (ThresholdValue for cheap say Rs.200) Then Use Assign : Row(‚ÄúStatus‚ÄĚ)=‚ÄúCheap‚ÄĚ
      -Else : If : Row(‚ÄúPriceColumnName‚ÄĚ).ToString<1000 and Row(‚ÄúPriceColumnName‚ÄĚ).ToString>200 (ThresholdValue for Medium say Rs.200 and Rs 1000) Then Use Assign : Row(‚ÄúStatus‚ÄĚ)=‚Äúmedium‚ÄĚ

    -else Assign : Row(‚ÄúStatus‚ÄĚ)=‚ÄúExpensive‚ÄĚ

Then Write Range with header property checked


@ImPratham45’s answer is way accurate. Haha.