To check the mail body is exist or not

Hello guys!
I want to check a mail body from outlook.I check the if condition with mail.body.count=0 and when it’s correct,it’ll write “:heavy_multiplication_x:” in the excel and if not,it’ll write the mail body in Excel.In my case,it can’t reach the
then side and when I count the mail which has no mail body,it always reply count is 3.If someone know how to solve it,please tell me.Thanks.

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Have you trimmed the mail body before counting like mail.body.Trim
So any unwanted spaces can be trimmed.

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I haven’t thought that way.Thanks bro,I’ll try it.:grin:

Hi @KarthikByggari
Thanks. I am looking for this for a long time. It works Even now i could not understand from where the unwanted spaces coming…

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