To check a password protected Excel File

Hi There,

I am using Path Exists activity to check if a file path exists. It is working fine for all files except for a password protected Excel file. Is this any limitation for this activity. Is there any other way to perform this check. Kindly Suggest.

— Mr. BB

Hi @bharadwaj_b

I’ve just tested the activity with one of my password protected Excel file and it’s working as expected. I would really like to see your configuration how you are using the activity and what problem it shows when you run it.
Lets find a solution for it.


Hello @bharadwaj_b

Are you opening that file and checking something in the excel file?? If yes, then if your excel is password protected then plz pass the password in the Excel scope activity.

To identify password protected file you can use a try catch activity. If it’s password protected it will fail and in catch section you can use another excel scope and provide password

The file path is a sharepoint location and the path looks like \\sites\Filename.xlsb

I am wondering can the Path Exists find this file even if the path is like