To browse downloaded pdf file path and open in google edge and give print command

Hy all,
first of all, thank you, everyone, for the support for my previous doubt and with your help, i was able to clear. this one continues to it.
I was able to open and download each link in the excel sheet row and it opens and downloads in the DOWNLOAD folder. But I tried to browse file activity and get URL activity to open that pdf in EDGE BROWSER(google pdf viewer window doesn’t open sometimes).it didn’t go well.

is there a way that I can locate my downloaded pdf file and open the path in EDGE and give print command along?

Thanks in advance


if you wants to get the pdf file from a folder just follow like this:



Get a list of files from a Directory


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Thanks, I was able to find the files and I copied the file info and navigate to the URL IN EDGE, but the file name it downloads is ‘BILL FOR ACCOUNTS’ and I used Getfiles(folderpath\currentindex) so that I open as per the indexing. Is their any other way i can open the file and navigate that url to edge other than indexing?

Glad to hear that you can able to get the files from folder.

Could you please provide us the input file and also provide the expected output!

Do you have that URL’s in Excel?


I have URLs for the links to the website for each account number only, and the procedure goes like this:

1-Reads a row of data of URL links to accounts. (Clear).
2-Iterate through links and open in google chrome. (Clear).
3-Check webpage for a button Names as View. (Clear).
4-Button clicks and the pdf downloads to the path(downloads/Sewa/)
5-Rename the file with the Name given in Excel-(Pending)
5-Opens the pdf from the path in Edge.-(clear)
6-Checks if the app is active.-(Clear)
7-If active keyboard shortcut (Cntrl + P) for printing.-(Clear)
8- checks if the window appears- then clicks the print button (finish for one account).-(Clear)

This is what I want my bot to do on a date of 5, 15, 28 each month.

And have a doubt other than the bot ! “where can I learn RPA UIPATH”? Any course recommended? Please let me know thanks


For this just read the column. in for each row like this]


Where FileName is the type of String

If you wants to rename the file we can use Rename file activity. inside the new name just provide the FileName that’s it.

For this you have to trigger your bot use this cron expression to trigger your bot

0 0 12 5 1/1 ? *          -> Every Month 5th at 12:00 PM

0 0 12 15 1/1 ? *         -> Every Month 15th at 12:00 PM

0 0 12 28 1/1 ? *         -> Every Month 28th at 12:00 PM


You can change the timing at what time you wants to trigger your bot from orchestrator.

From here you can learn the UIPath

Courser which you have to enroll

1.RPA Starter-> Introduction to RPA and Automation (Note: ignore the StudioX)

2.RPA Foundation-> Get Started with RPA Development (v2019.4)

3.RPA Continueous Learning-> RPA Developer Continuous Learning

4.RPA Advanced-> RPA Developer Advanced

5.RPA REFramework Practice->Practice with ReFramework


Thanks, Nani let me try this out bcos I used rename activity but didn’t go well maybe some issue with my workflow.

Thanks a lot for the course details it means a lot. :smile: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Hy Nani

How can I share my work in the post? so that explanation will be clear. I wasn’t able to rename files for each time the pdf downloads.



We have an upload option available which seems like up arrow. and share what you’re trying.

NaNi (1.2 MB)
This my Uipath file.

SEWA Bills.xlsx (17.7 KB)
and this is my excel sheet


I have uploaded my excel file where I fetch data from and my current workflow, hope the uploading is proper.

My file name is from the rows and the link is in the link column. I am not able to iterate through files that are downloaded to print.
Eg: if Sr.No 1 is downloaded then it should open that file and print it.
then goes to the second link and opens only that file and prints. Can you help me solve this, tried for so many days but am still stuck in this loop :expressionless:


Hey Imran, as Thiru_Nani suggested, it would be helpful to rename the downloaded files that you would like to loop through, that way it’s easier for the bot to distinguish.

There are a few different ways you can approach this, an easy way to immediately know what file was downloaded is to use the Wait For Fownload activity. You can set it to check your downloads path and save the file into a variable. From there you can then use the Rename File activity as Nani suggested.

The file input would be “Your complete downloads path” I.e. “C:\users\Environment.User\Downloads”+yourFilevariableName.ToString

Then in the new name input it should be, what ever you want to rename your downloaded file as a string. You don’t need the path to be included in this part.

You can always test with popups, but this should rename your file and you can put this code within your for loop so each file that is downloaded is properly renamed.

Within your for loop, I’d also use the move file activity in order to move your newly named file to a custom folder. That way it will be easy to loop through all of your downloaded files. Once all of your files have been moved you can use a for loop to go through each file in your custom folder and print them. Rather than having to look through the Downloads folder. Or you could also use a for loop on your downloads folder as long as you have a common string in your downloaded files that you can use a contains function on.