To-be process using BPMN 2.0


I am a Business Process Analyst and I am new to RPA. I am helping a client in establishing to-be processes from as-is. Is there a way to have a common to-be process using BPMN 2.0 which will help RPA implementation in future?


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I think this post will help you in coming up with a good to-be process… See the attached document in it


Thanks for the reply and sharing the document @Lahiru.Fernando. It’s was a very interesting read. I would like to know as part of RPA implementation, does the organisations need to create a to-be to be process specific for RPA even if it is already standardized.

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Hey @U11

Yeah… usually to-go process is the standardized one with automation included. So if the process is standardized, check whether automation is now required. If required, your to be process should include that as well… :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying.

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