To add the additional text to the cell in which already some text extist

Example : there ia cell A1, which has the text “Hi”
would like to add new text “Good Morning”
so final result should in the A1 cell should be “Hi Good Morning”


Hi @Siddarth_Nagarabenchi

*Use read cell activity to read the data and store it in variable.
*strVariable=strVariable+“Good Morning”.
*Use write cell activity to update the cell data.

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Hey @Siddarth_Nagarabenchi
You can refer the xaml above.


Hi @Siddarth_Nagarabenchi ,

Please try these steps

  1. Use the ‘Excel Application Scope’ activity in UiPath to open the Excel file and select the sheet that contains the cell you want to update.
  2. Use the ‘Read Cell’ activity to read the current value of cell A1 and store it in a string variable, let’s call it ‘varCellValue’.
  3. Use the ‘+’ operator to concatenate the existing cell value with the new text “Good Morning”. Here’s an example of how to do this:
    varCellValue= varCellValue+ " Good Morning"
    This will append the new text “Good Morning” to the existing value of ‘cellValue’.
  4. Use the ‘Write Cell’ activity to write the updated cell value back to cell A1. Set the ‘Value’ property to the ‘varCellValue’ variable.
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Thanks all , implemented.