TLS alert: HandshakeFailure


Failed to download package ‘Google.Apis.Core.1.43.0’ from ‘’.
The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception.
Authentication failed because the remote party sent a TLS alert: ‘HandshakeFailure’.
The message received was unexpected or badly formatted.

Version: StudioX 2021.10.7
License: Enterprise
User-mode installation
OS: Windows11 Enterprise

I get this error when I try to install packages required by my organisation.
McAfee Endpoint Security was completely disabled temporarily by IT to check if it was blocking any connection. However, the issue persisted when trying to install the packages.

Kindly suggest.

Minthang Haokip

Welcome to UiPath Forum @haokip ! :smile:
If it’s not the Antivirus, it might be the firewall. Try to disable it temporarily by IT, while keeping McAfee also disabled and let us know :grin:

@Hiba_B Thank you for your response.
I made sure the IT person disabled the entire McAfee Endpoint Security (Threat Prevention, Firewall, Adaptive Threat Protection). The issue persisted.

Please suggest more.

@haokip some companies have an antivirus and add to it Windows firewall :grin:

If you want to find a contournment solution, you could download the package at this website, then put the nupkg file in this path: C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio\Packages then open your studio, click on manage packages, look for the Google.Apis.Core package and install it

Don’t forget to check the dependencies of the package and add them manually if you can’t install them through your “manage packages” button:
NuGet Gallery | Google.Apis.Core 1.57.0

But if you want to clear the problem from its origin, I suggest you to download WireShark (it’s free, it sniffs the network at specific moments).
Once you install WireShark, before running a scan, uninstall google api dependencies leftovers (for instance if it added the package but keep it in error and in red).
Then run WireShark scan, install the dependency, when you get the error during the download of the dependency click on ok and then stop wireshark scan.
Then send wireshark output to your security and network teams, they might understand the origin of the issue easier :smile: (and if you need assistance with wireshark, let them know, usually all network and security people have already at least used wireshark or equivalent)

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Hi @haokip !
Did you find a solution ?

Thanks for checking in.
Since I had other issues with my PC, I opted to re-image the OS and start from scratch.
It is working now after OS re-installation.

Appreciate your input and advise.