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Hello Colleaques,

Any tips for me how i could select reliably person name from the list according to transactionitem. I have first and lastname variables and they output correct data. I have tried using this one for example without any luck:

"<webctrl tag='TABLE' /><webctrl aaname='"+lastName+","+firstName+"' colName='"+lastName+","+firstName+"' innertext='"+lastName+","+firstName+"' />"


Can you change the selector as show in attached sceenshot., use {{}} instead of + to add variables. Other way is you can assign complete selector value in a string variable and you can use that variable

Please try and revert back

as mentioned above the {{VariableOrArgumentName}} is to prefer as also with the default values the selector can be validated/tested

give a try on following:
<webctrl tag='TABLE' /> <webctrl innertext='{{constructedNamewithCommaVar}}' tag='TD'/>

for selecting the cell. If row selection works then use TR and innertext=’{{constructedNamewithCommaVar}}’


@MikkoS - you can assign both last n first variables to one string variable and pass it to parameter

`strPersonName = lastName +","+firstName

"<webctrl tag='TABLE' /><webctrl aaname='"+lstrPersonName +"' colName='"+strPersonName +"' innertext='"+strPersonName +"' />"

Thank you for the tip. It really looks like you should not use (+) at all. This one handles the job for me…

"<webctrl tag='TABLE' /><webctrl isleaf='1' aaname='{{lastName}}*{{firstName}}' />"


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