Timestamp of Transaction- Can we get the Timestamp of when a Transaction was added to the Queue?


Is there a way we can know the Time when a Transaction was added to a Queue ?
Problem Statement - I have a Queue called “Test”. There is 10 Transactions for example. I need to process only those Queue Items which were added to queue in between 1pm - 1:15 Pm .

Is there anyway to achieve this ?


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Correction - I need to process Queue Items within 1 hour of its arrival. For eg, if Transaction 1 is added to queue at 1PM . I need to process it only by 2PM. If its beyond 2PM, bot shouldn’t pick up the Transaction.

You can check the time of the transaction within the process using Now. Now is a datetime that will contain the current date and time as soon as you assign it to a variable. If you compare a variable set to this for one transaction item with the time of the next transaction item, you can determine if the item is processed within your SLA.

@HarikaN You can use the “Postpone” property (highlighted in screenshot below), which is of type DateTime, when adding the Queue Item in the Queue. This property will ensure that the item will be retrieved and processed from the Queue only after the specified date.
You can use DateTime.Now.AddHours(1) as value to achieve the exact mentioned behaviour.


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Is there any other way where Uipath’s record to find the Timestamp when the item is added to the queue?