TimeoutMS on continue on true property

Hi Everyone,

In my project we are using an application in VPN and the login screen and other pop may appear or may not appear so i gave continue on true property to be true but the bot takes time when it comes to the after login page(i.e login page not appeared) and waits for 30 seconds and then starts type in.

Is this because the uipath not able to find the element which set to be continue on true?


Hi @Boopathi,

It seems that you already know the answer. Any activity that is supposed to find an element will look for it for the duration of the timeout. The default value is indeed 30 seconds.

You can change it to a lower value in the properties panel of the particular activity.

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Thank you for clarification. Yes, I was able to guess why the delay was happening but I thought default timeoutMS will be disabled if continue on true given for an element.

Hi @Boopathi, ContinueOnError doesn’t disable the TimeoutMS. It is just that error won’t be thrown when there is error.


@quihan Thank you.