Timeout Reached on Every Activity When Unattended

We are recently seeing “Timeout Reached” on every activity of an unattended bot.
We are using Launch Workflow Interactive within the “Process Transaction” state of the ReFramework.

A couple of notes:

  1. The take screenshot activity of the ReFramework does not take a screenshot, it fails
  2. I tried adding a coordinate click at the very beginning of the “Init” state of the ReFramework. This caused the bot to throw “Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions”

We introduced another bot that runs and completes an hour before this one starts. That bot runs without exception using Launch Workflow Interactive. Is it possible that the other bot locks the machine? Wouldn’t launch workflow interactive unlock the machine?

Do I need to wrap the Main.xaml of the ReFramework inside of a Launch Worflow Interactive?

If it’s an unattended robot, would the possible registry edit solution still work?

Our bots are on Azure, running Win 10.
Orchestrator 2017.1.6547


Did you ever find a solution to this? I am facing the exact same problem.