"Timeout reached. at Source: UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities"

I’m using REFramework for my uipath project and when i’m running it, first of all it throws this exeption :“Timeout reached. at Source: UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities” and robot does not go even in initialization part
Any ideas would be great! Thank you!

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May i know at which activity this error is coming
Cheers @Andrey_Voinalovich

It runs at the very start of the reframework in try/catch block

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sorry for the delayed response
kindly run in DEBUG mode so that we could know where it is failing, especially at which activity
Cheers @Andrey_Voinalovich

Probably, the main reason of such behavior is that i’m working on RDP session robot and my robot is unattended so it’s need to login to work properly with UI elms.
I guess the problem in here, but what i can do though?

couse debug mode works properly

Hello, have you find the solution for RDP??