Timeout reached and Unlicensed License status

I have 2 problems:

  1. When I do Sign Out on my VM (windows server 2019 standart) on my RDP session, License status becomes Unlicensed and jobs not run (pending). Why?

  2. Metod Hardware on click and type into not work. I get error Timeout reached.
    I don’t want to change anything in the process (set Simulate or Windows message), as everything works fine on the other server (windows 10 corp).
    In addition, the simulate method sometimes does not work correctly in the window explorer when saving files.


Regarding first question. Do you use the unattended license?
For the second question, please check this post: Timeout reached - Troubleshoot steps

Yes, unattended license. Orchestrator 21.4.0

Is this a concurrent license? Maybe you have more than one robot that can consume a license?

Also, check this page ‘Unattended or NonProduction’: Service licensing

No, every robot have license.
And about 2 question, LoginToconsole is NO, resolution 1920 * 1080 and depth 32 always

Do you connect the robots with machine key or service url?

If machine key, check that you are not logged in UiPath Assistant, it may cause some conflicts in licensing.
You should be connected only via Orchestrator Configuration tab in Preferences, but not any other account in Assistant itself.

Machine key.
All settings are the same as on other servers, on which there is no such problem.
I do Sign Out, License status becomes Unlicensed and then I connect by RDP on VM and License status becones Active

I think you need to raise a ticket to uipath support team.