Timeout property on sequences



What is the use case?
When building a bot we start with the happy flow; leaving out exception handling until later refinement stages. Infinite loops can be build to proxy application readiness, for example in Oracle automation. When these sequences encounter exceptions in later stages it can be a problem as the automation will get stuck. This makes exception handling more complex as adaptions have to be made within the sequence.

How do you see a solution for the use case?
Ideally we want to be able to control an automation and it’s exceptions at the same level at which business logic is applied. This means that sometimes, groups of activities gathered within a sequence are considered one process step and all adhere to the same logic. To solve looping issues it would be a great and elegant solution if a timeout property would be added to the sequence activity block.

This idea is a winner because it is simple, easy to implement and will afford more control at the bot level.

[Scope] Custom Activity


This is a small change but it is also a very powerful (and sometimes dangerous) idea. IMHO the best idea in the contest.


Thank you for the support Thorsten :slight_smile:. I am wondering in what situation you would find this dangerous? If not applied correctly it could of course throw off the flow of a Robot…


Yeah. The danger is mainly that people might use it too often. I.E. if someone adds a timeout to every sequence or if they don’t set it to a reasonable amount of time. I already see myself removing unnecessary timeouts which are causing trouble from other peoples workflows :wink: