Timeout property if the SAP session has hang or disconnected

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Can you please tell me which statement better describes your situation?

  1. The activity (SAP.ReadStatusBar or other, like a Click which triggers a time-consuming operation in SAP) would succeed if you gave it enough time. But you still want it to fail, if it takes longer than a precise amount of time. Eg: the activity succeeds in 31 seconds, but you want it to fail if timeout is set to 30 seconds.

  2. The activity has no chance to succeed, no matter how big the timeout is, due to some serious internal error in SAP, for instance. So, the SAP application hangs, this causes the UiPath Robot to also hang and you don’t like this. You would like the UiPath Robot to detect that the target application is unresponsive and throw an exception, instead of it staying also hanged.

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