Timeline for submission to advanced, orchestrator, and foundation groups

I submitted my email to the advanced, foundation, and orchestrator groups to have the badges for each associated with this account. How long does it take for this to get processed? I ask because I submitted my email initially over a week ago.

This should be automatic, and very fast… Did you use the same email as you have on your account?

Yes, it is precisely the same email.

and same used in the Academy right?

Yes. Also, I should point out that I sign on to Academy using a different account name, whereas in the forums, I’m using a Microsoft SSO. Not sure if that makes a difference, but the email associated with each is the same.

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Ok, lets see if we can get help for you :slight_smile: @ovi @loginerror


Hi @Anthony_Humphries

It was the fact that your request contained an email with capitalized letters for your name and surname :sweat_smile:
The regex that extracts the emails failed because of that :smiley:

I re-opened one of your requests with email edited to lowercase and it worked. You have been assigned to all three groups. The badge will show upon page refresh.

It is something to fix, but in all honesty it does not happen a lot and we will soon have a better system for that anyway (after Academy joins the SSO club :slight_smile:).


Thanks @loginerror . The badge is now displaying properly! :slightly_smiling_face:


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