Timed out while waiting for Mail Service to connect

Hi all,

Can anyone help me out with this

Trying to read mail by using IMPAP. but throwing me error
“Timed out while waiting for Mail Service to connect”,

Some where its going on wrong.

I gave Credentials correct
Configured correct in gmail settings too

Thanks in advance

Hi @saritha ,

You are using the Gmail or Microsoft account, if you are using Gmail account kindly check weather two factor authentication is enabled if enabled you should have to disable that.

Sanjit Pal

Hi , thanks for ur reply.
I did two enabling factors for my gmail account.

Still gettting error

Hi @saritha

Have a look on the thread



I do Enabled IMAP mail

and Less Secure app also on

                Log in credentials ,port and server are correct.
                installed latest mail.activities package tooo

Hi @saritha

Try to increase the TimeoutMS


didnt work.

do we need to specify which browser we need to use gmail account ?

Hi @saritha

Can you share your configuration of the activity


I did give email id and pwd


As I know this is quite known issue and i’m also facing from long time. Still i couldn’t find the solution. Only thing i do is , just restart the system and it get starts working. Atleast for 20-25 days there won’t be any problem. Again if it occurs again restart.


Give the TimeoutMS as in the screenshot



My goodness, it working now after restarting…

Struggled for this for hours…

Thanks a lot for ur help.

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Thanks gokul for all ur help.

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