Time Variable "Now"


It seems that the Date & Time Variable “Now” will return the local time of my computer.

If my computer is several minutes before of behind the “correct time”, is there such a function to get the “correct time”?

Thank you in advance and look forward to your reply.

Hello @GhostBuster, you can use DateTime.Now.AddHours(intTimeDiff) where intTimeDiff is the time difference of your local computer and the “correct time” you are looking for.

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Hi, @avejr748,

Thank you for the reply.
Is there a straightforward way retrieve the “correct time” because most of the time the “difference” may be unknown?

@GhostBuster I don’t think so. One suggestion I can give you if you are going to refer to different locations is to have a datatable with the location name and the time difference in the location. Then lookup the datatable to know what timedifference to use


If you have internet access in your production, then you can try with some free api’s to retrieve the time of different countries

Check link below a sample api


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Thanks for the reply from @ksrinu070184 and @avejr748.

So it can be concluded that no built-in function is available to directly retrieve the “correct time”. Am I right?

Yes, because “correct time” is relative as it depends on location

Hi @GhostBuster

We have inbuilt function to get the Date and Time by using Time zone.(if you give your you will get correct time other than system time

I have created a workflow to get date time with time zones by using inbuilt function.

PFA workflow for your referenceEST_Date_Conversion.zip (51.7 KB) )