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Hello, I have another question :smiley: I have some triggers set, and for some reason, they keep failing, but if I have my Orchestrator pulled up from my home and I am watching the triggers run, it runs with no problem, but I swear if I am not looking at it, it fails. I have two issues here. When setting up the trigger, how do I get it to record the process, so I can see what is going on? Also, if UIPath sits too long and logs out, will that affect the unattended operation on the free version? If so, how do you combat that issue? According to the post I read it was a option you selected, but I don’t see that option available for recording. It also shows in my alerts that my robot gets disconnected.


Hi @Primal

Is the unattended bot the same machine that you are using?

If yes then because you are logged off the BOT cannot login because the system is offlline

Coming to recording part please check this


The bot is set to another computer, never to log out or go into sleep mode. Still, if I am active on that computer, then the bot will run with no problems, if it sits for a while, it seems like it doesn’t operate the functions, or it will get to start the process and then kill the process.

HI @Primal

What is the exception you are getting? Is it failing with cannot interact with UI and all?

Ideally if on VM we need to do sign out(bear in mind not logout) so that bot can login and start the process

It might fail if the BOT screen is locked and minimized or when logged out


Honestly, I don’t know how or why it’s failing because I can’t figure out how to get it to record the activity. I know it will be sitting on the login screen, and I believe it fails to find the UI, but it never fails when I am actively on that computer or recently active on the computer.

Hi @Primal

Yes it fails on UI because the system is in sleep or locked or offline. The correct way is to sign out the user and BOT will sign in


this is shutdown or logout or sleep(Any of these options will make bot fail)

And for recording please see the link it has steps to activate but not directly from Orchestrator


And signing out, you are referring to Orchestrator? To reiterate what you are saying, so I can understand. Is sign out of Orchestrator and let the BOT handle it? We are to sign out of the computer?

Sign out the computer not Orchestrator. Don’t shut down or lock …Just sign out the user


Ok, I will give that a try. Thank you for the help again! This is twice you’ve helped me today. Thank you for your patience!

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For example. If I have multiple triggers set up for when I am out of the office and the user is logged out, I have a trigger that goes off at 10:30 PM and again at 5:30 AM. Will the bot keep the user logged in, or will it log it back out? If not, is there a way to set it to do that?

Hi @Primal

It is like this

If the bot needa to run the bot needs system to be available …that is system should be online

For that to happen you shpuld not shut down the system or sleep or close .

You should keep it active or only signout the system

It will login and logout whenever it runs.

You can also set the property about login to console option on the robot settings

If that is set to false it will try to run in silent mode else will try logging into the machine and run

Hope this clears


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