Time Conversion


How to convert currentDate.time to CST(central standard time)?
any sample workflow?

thank you.

Hi Venkatesh_Chowdary,

Refer this .Xaml doc (Reusable by mentioning your timeZoneName)

GetTimeForYourZone.xaml (12.4 KB)

It works by converting the UTC to our desired timezone using TimeZoneInfo Class


@Dominic - Hey Dominic,

How would i set this for a different timezone other than my current?

EG: I am in Canada, but my server/data center is in Australia, so i want my Robot (Located in Canada) to be running the workflows in “Australian Eastern Standard Time”?


GetEST_TimeZOne.xaml (7.9 KB)
Hi Venkatesh_Chowdary,

I have taken one variable CurrentDate variable “2020-04-06 19:22:25” and it in UTC format and I am coverting into EST format.

please find the .Xmal attached for your reference.

How to get convert from cst timezone to ph time zone?